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Welcome! Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at Saint Patrick Catholic Parish you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.

Located in the heart of North Park, we are honored to have been a part of the North Park story since 1922. We would love to have your family join the parish community.

If you are new to the parish, a great way to meet new people is to get involved. Church is more than the building, it is the community. We need you to help us continue to grow the church.

Mass Times

Daily Mass: Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM
Sunday Mass: Saturday, 5:30 PM
Sunday, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 AM, 5:30 PM English
1:00 PM Spanish
Holy Day & Holiday Mass Schedule to be announced.

Trivia Night & Toy Drive

Giving Tree 2019

Every  year we ask all Parishioner to sponsor a child in our Giving Tree.

Thank you for your support and generosity all gifts for children are due by December 15, 2019. 

You can bring your wrap gift with the tag with the name of the child you sponsor to the Parish Office or placed under the tree in the church.

Young Adult Professionals

Our YP group continues to hold a Bible study meetings, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and times for socializing

Follow them on [email protected]

Rosary with the Knights

The Saint Augustine Council Knights of Columbus will lead a Rosary after the 9:30 AM Mass on December 29th. A rosary will be lead every 5th Sunday of the Month.


Pastorela " Nos ha nacido el Salvador"

                                            Pastorela " Nos ha Nacido el Salvador"


Sabado 7 de Diciembre del 2019 en el Salon Parroquial apartir de las 6:30 PM. 

Vengar a disfrutar, Entrada Gratis. Habra venta de comida.


Our Lady Of Guadalupe Celebrations

Diciembre 1-11 La imagen de la Virgen de Guadalupe visitara distintos hogares, para rezar el rosario. Punto de reunion para asistir sera el estacionamiento de la Parroquia a las 6:30 PM.

December 1-11 Virgin of Guadalupe image will visit different homes, to pray the rosary. If you want to go come to the Parish Parking lot at 6:30 PM.


December 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe,

5:00 AM    Procession to the Church begins at the corner of Fern & Hawthron Streets.

6:00 AM    Las Mañanitas in the Church

7:00 AM    Rosary and songs in the Church

7:30 AM    Light Breakfast, Parish Hall

7:30 PM    Spanish Mass, " Misa de las Rosas"

8:30 PM     Pot-luck (cena) at Parish Hall


Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Thank you for all your help, generosity and support this year,  the Parish was able to provides 31 Thanksgiving Food Baskets for needy Parishioner and School families.

May God Bless you always.


Blaze, set the world on Fire

Children's Liturgy of the Word

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word
begins  Sunday, September 29

This special class is held during the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. We are in need of more volunteers as teachers and helpers. Don’t miss this opportunity to get more involved. Any and all help for the continued success of these classes will be greatly appreciated.

This is a good way for School parents to meet your PIP obligations (or for High School students, your community service hours).

Please contact the director, Roni Kleinhen at (619) 283-2608.


St. Patrick School

St. Patrick's School

If you, or someone you know, is interested in enrolling a child in school here, please call the School Office at (619) 297-1314.

Preschool  (Lic. # 376700882)

If you have a child who will be at least 2 years and 9 months old by June 1st and you are interested in enrolling them in our Preschool program, please join us for our Open House at 10:30 AM in the Preschool classroom on   October 27.

Get information about our summer program and 19-20 School Year Program.

Grow your faith



Adult Faith Formation




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Healthy Youth Act of California

A resources page on Sexual Health Education was developed to assist parents of public school children concerning the Healthy Youth Act of California and learning about their Rights and Responsibilities.

For parents who decide to "opt-out" of any or all instruction, alternative resources are available.

Visit: or en 


Moving? We will miss you.. But please....

It is important when you are moving let us know, so that we can remove you from our mailing lists. Please take a moment to drop us a line or to call the Parish office (619) 295-2157.

It saves us a fair amount of money on return postage, and helps us update our records.


Reporting Sexual Abuse / Reporte Abuso Sexual

Complaints about sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or by a parish member or Catholic school employee or volunteer can be made by contacting / Quejas acerca de abuso sexual por miembros del clero o de la parroquia, o empleados de escuelas Catolicas o voluntarios puede ser hecha llamando: 

Lisa Petronis, (858) 490-8353.

Contact Victim Assistance / Asistencia a Victimas

Bishop Flores Memorial Fund

Please remember Bishop Flores in your prayers on the Fourth Anniversary of his passing, September 6, 2015.