Baptism Information - Informacion para Bautismo

The Baptism ceremony is a group ceremony, usually on the Second Saturday of the month for English **  and 
the Third Sunday of the month for Spanish** ceremony - at 10:00 AM **

The Baptism Ceremony and class are scheduled according to the **form you complete -English or Spanish

** PLEASE NOTE: The Baptism Class and Baptism Ceremony dates might change due to the Priest's availability or if the date falls on a Holiday. 
An additional $20 per person is charged if anyone misses the Baptismal instruction date.

***NOTE: Godparents must Provide Proof of Sacraments - Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation Certificates
Sacrament Preparation English class for Adult Information (RCIA) click here

Informacion de Preparacion de Sacramentos en Español para Adulto (RICA)- Aqui

Baptism - for Newborn children up to 6 years old.

Dates are not held or scheduled until the requirements are fulfilled. The stipend is $100 per child and can be paid HERE.

  • Parents must be registered and attend St. Patrick's Church. If not, parents must request a letter of permission from the church they live close to.
  • Godparents must provide proof of their Sacraments, Baptism, First Communion & Confirmation
  • Proof of Payment 
  • Bring all to the office or upload the information to our website following the registration instructions: 
    • the permission letter,
    • the child's birth certificate, and 
    • Godparents' Sacrament certificates (Baptism, First Communion & Confirmation)
    • Proof of Payment
  • The baptism class is a Zoom Instruction offered once a month, usually on the first Tuesday in Spanish or the first Thursday in English.** All paperwork must be received and approved by the office by the 15th of the previous month of the desired class to attend.  
  • Parents and Godparents have to attend the scheduled date of the Baptism Preparation Class. If any of them misses the Baptismal instruction class appointment, a $20 fee per person will be required to schedule a new baptismal class date. 
  • After the parents and godparents  attended the class, the Baptism can be scheduled- on a first-come, first-served basis,
  •  The baptism Stipend is $100 per child, it can be paid online Baptism payment

For English Baptism: Registration HERE 

Para Bautizo en Español: Registro en Español AQUI 

PDF Registration Form HERE (to take to the office)

* Private Baptisms are upon Priest consideration. Stipend: $300 per child -$100 non-refundable required to book the date paid after the Priest's approval.
** If you just need the Baptism Class, You do not need permission from your local church, complete the registration form as if the Baptism would take place here, and make a note of who needs the class, the date of the Baptism, and the Church information. The stipend to take the course is $60 for one person or $80 for a couple.